China's New Economic Silk Road

China’s New Economic Silk Road is a book written by Chris Devonshire-Ellis and published in 2015. It is the only examination of China’s political intent to link Eurasia and Africa by road, rail, air and sea, and contains over 60 country profiles of each of the individual nations affected. It deals with the logistical, political, financial, geophysical, competition and corruption challenges faced, and explains in great detail aspects of both the overland and maritime proposed routes.

China silk road Book

The book has been published to intense critical and academic acclaim, and has been supported by events held throughout China, Asia, Europe and Russia. It is an international best seller on Amazon and has been widely distributed throughout Europe and Asia.

Devonshire-Ellis explains the rationale “Reading about China’s Silk Road ambitions made me realize there was no one source that dealt with the entire geographical spread involved. I began to realize that with my 25 year old career including China, all of Asia, India and Russia, as well as being European myself, it was going to have to be down to me to write it. I have visited many of the countries involved, and conducted business in all of the larger ones. The book took a year to research, and was physically written in Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Ulaan Baatar, Amsterdam, Moscow and St. Petersburg. It’s that effort and multiple viewpoints that makes this book more about the Silk Road Routes potential for development, and not be purely about China.”

Praise for “China’s New Economic Silk Road” by Chris Devonshire-Ellis is as follows:

  • Mike Rowse, ex Director, Invest Hong Kong:
    “This is a significant book which should be read by anyone in business or politics who needs to understand what is happening in Asia. The general reader would also find it absorbing.”

  • Madame Nirupama Rao, Ex-India Ambassador to Washington & Beijing
    “A timely, well thought out and detailed book concerning China’s ambitions and the potential and problems they may bring”

  • Patrick Mears, verified user on Amazon:
    “This book by Chris Devonshire-Ellis, which is excellently written and illustrated, has been an extremely helpful teaching tool for my International Trade Law class at the University of Mannheim, Germany, this year. The author covers this important topic in great detail and leaves no stone unturned. I have found it very helpful for my own research and writing about China's trade policies, which are undergoing significant change as I write this review. I highly recommend that all China enthusiasts as well as persons who are interested in world trade trends purchase this book. It will certainly help you understand China and its reaction to US President Obama's "pivot to Asia," as embodied in the recently signed Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement.”

  • “China’s New Economic Silk Road” is available in several formats, priced at USD29.99:

    Amazon, Hardcover Asia Briefing, Hardcover Asia Briefing, Digital PDF


Chris Devonshire-Ellis, the author of “China’s New Economic Silk Road”

“China’s New Economic Silk Road” is available in several formats, priced at USD29.99:

Amazon, Hardcover Asia Briefing, Hardcover Asia Briefing, Digital PDF